Women’s Gathering 2019

w/Lisa as Guest Teacher

Te Moata Retreat, Coromandel, Fri 1st to Mon 4th Feb.

Labyrinth, Sacred Site

Labyrinth, Sacred Site

I feel honoured and excited to be teaching Open Floor Movement Practice at this beautiful Women's Gathering.

There is an incredible depth of nourishment and sustenance that flows up in abundance when women gather together. I am so looking forward to this, whilst being held within the gorgeous oasis of Te Moata.

The theme this year is Creativity and Communitcation ... full description below.

with dancing love, Lisa




With Marnie, Suni, Kibriya and Beccy (Guest teacher Lisa)

Supported by the Te Moata Grandmothers Jessica, Misha, Shay, Wolfie, Annie and others.

In numerology 2019 is a 12/3 year.

This year is calling us to open fully to our sacred childlike potential.

We are being asked to embrace new ideas and new ways, to go into and beyond our imagination and to communicate these findings to the world.

Gathering together on the sacred land of Te Moata we will create the safe container of a women’s circle. We will explore our potential for lightness, play, fun, magic, relaxation, stillness and innocence. We will move, sing, dance, laugh, play music, write, draw, paint, dress-up in colour, commune with nature and more……

We will allow ideas to bubble up from the deep and we will explore ways to communicate these new findings to the world – through networking, using all types of media, telling stories, connecting people – netweaving in the unique way of the Divine Feminine.

We will spend time in nature, on the labyrinth and in other sacred circles on the land.

We will meditate and create ritual. We will sit in sharing circles to explore and express our authentic selves in a kind and caring way. We will support each other as women to uncover our creative expressions and to share these with our wider community.


Te Moata, Coromandel

Te Moata, Coromandel